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There are many other blogging platforms, such as blogger and WordPress, but where AIOP Press differs is that your posts become articles in an “online magazine” format which is made available through syndication and through search engines.

As allinoneprofits,com is a high traffic site also you get to piggy-back on that traffic also which can only serve to benefit you.

The benefits…
You can quickly establish yourself as a brand and as an expert in your chosen field. In this way, you can establish credibility quickly and even have others refer to your articles/posts as reference sources.
You can promote multiple income creating opportunities through advertising banners along with posts.

Be mindful that you focus on quality over profit, however. Nobody likes reads or shares “spammy” content.
You can also use this feature to build your list, AIOP also provides hosting and autoresponder services which you can easily tie into your AIOP Press Blog.

What could be better?
You’re limited to banner size and positioning. I’d like to be able to have bigger banners and be able to choose the positioning of them.

Final Verdict…
Definitely get into blogging. Do not leave yourself at the mercy of the big tech tyrants.

If you already have a blog, great, copy that content over onto AIOP press to gain more traffic. You could copy older posts over on to AIOP press and end the posts with a tag line such as

“for more up-to-date content please visit my regular blog at www.Your blog address”

Never turn away from a traffic source.
It’s also a fantastic tool for promoting whatever products you are currently promoting…

Yes, the AIOP Press is a blogging platform unlike any other, publish your free blog today!

By Michael

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