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All In One Profits (AIOP) is excited to present its new commission structure for 2023. The commission overview provides detailed information on the even-up system, commission assignments, limits, fees, and payouts. To access all the necessary information, users can refer to the PDF files available in their back office or visit the “Affiliates” page on the AIOP website, which includes a concise video explaining the system’s structure.

The commission structure remains consistent across all membership levels. Here are the key components of the AIOP commission system:

1- Uneven and Even Referrals: When sponsoring new members, you keep all the Uneven referrals personally sponsored, without any width limitation. However, you pass up the Even referrals you personally sponsor. In return, you receive all the Even referrals passed up to you by your downline, without any depth limitation.

2- Introduction of VIP and Free Levels: AIOP has introduced the VIP and Free levels, which follow the same structure established for Basic and Pro levels known as the “Even up” ® system.

  • Free members can sponsor and build a downline consisting of free and paid members.
  • Free members earn commissions only on paid members in their downline: $1 for Basic, $1.50 for Pro, and $2 for VIP.
  • Free members do not earn commissions on the Even referrals they pass up to their sponsor/upline, similar to Basic and Pro levels.
  • Notably, only VIP members earn commissions on VIP pass-ups. This distinction allows VIP members to earn on the Uneven VIPs they personally sponsor and on the Even VIP referrals they pass up to their sponsor/upline.

Important Points to Remember:

Passing Up Referrals: You only pass up the Uneven referrals you personally sponsor. You never pass up the Even referrals you personally sponsor. Referrals passed up by your downline are passed up to you exclusively.

Downline Structure: The term “downline” refers to your earning potential in depth. Your downline comprises the Uneven referrals you personally sponsor (keep), all the Even up referrals passed up to you by your Uneven referrals, and all the Even referrals passed up to you by those passed up on you. There is no limit to the depth of your downline.

To simplify understanding, the commission value assigned to different levels is presented in an image found in the PDFs explaining the pay plan.

Additional Important Considerations:

1- Commission Limits: The commission amount you earn cannot exceed the package you have purchased, corresponding to your own membership level. For instance, if you are a Basic member, your earnings cannot exceed $10.

2- 100% Commission and Package Costs: The 100% commission refers to the Basic package, which costs $10. The commission for a Basic member is also $10. AIOP does not earn anything on the Basic package. The packages available for purchase are priced at $10, $20, and $59. The price difference accounts for processing fees charged by payment processors, and an average value has been calculated to assign commissions without going into debt. This calculation allows for commission assignments even for free members, if applicable.

1- Commission Payout Fees: In response to member feedback, AIOP has introduced a fee on commission payouts. This fee covers the costs associated with transfers and funding the payout options. The administrative fee is applied during the commission processing, and it is separate from any other fees charged by banks or processors. AIOP aims to maintain reasonable fees.

2- Minimum Payout Amount: Many members suggested implementing a minimum payout amount to ensure recipients receive a decent sum after deducting fees. Previously, only a maximum limit was set, but now, there are both minimum and maximum limits. The specific limits vary based on the chosen payout processing option. To view the fees and limits, users can access the dedicated page in their back office under “AIOP Guide > Admin Updates > Payout Fees and Limits.”

  • New Free members with small commission amounts in their balance are exempt from the minimum limit. They can choose to use the commission to upgrade or request a payout.
  • Existent members downgrading to Free (formerly Inactive) are not exempt from the minimum and maximum limits.
  • Members leaving AIOP are not subject to a minimum payout limit before closing their accounts.
  • Before requesting a commission payout, users must select a payout option in their profiles. If the desired payout option is not listed in the selector, they can contact the AIOP support desk for assistance. For further details on payments and payouts, AIOP provides dedicated pages under the “AIOP Guide” tab in the main menu, specifically the “Payments” and “Payouts Info” sections.

AIOP’s new commission overview for 2023 offers a comprehensive explanation of the commission structure, even-up system, assignments, limits, fees, and payouts. By familiarizing themselves with the provided resources, AIOP members can make informed decisions and maximize their earning potential within the AIOP affiliate system.

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